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Positioning Systems

Wholesales DAHUA Positioning system PTZ Network camera

Positioning system is Artificial Intelligence PTZ Network camera with auto track function.
ICCTVZONE’S Dahua Positioning system adopts advanced CNN deep learning algorithms to support Perimeter Protection with high accuracy. ICCTVZONE’S Dahua Positioning system possess wide monitoring range and PFA algorithm that can always present a clear, focused image while zooming.

DAHUA Positioning system PTZ Network camera

ICCTVZONE’S Dahua Positioning system has very excellent low light performance due to adopting the latest starlight technology. The ICCTVZONE’S Dahua Positioning system equipped with smooth control, high quality image and good protection, which make it meet most of the requirements of video surveillance applications. ICCTVZONE’S Dahua Positioning system adopt the most advanced AI technologies, including deep learning algorithms that primarily target people and vehicles, which provides higher flexibility and accuracy for end-users. This enables the Dahua AI series to offer various advanced applications such as Face Recognition, ANPR, Metadata, People Counting, traffic data statistics, etc. The complete lineup of Dahua AI includes network (PTZ) cameras, network video recorders, servers, and more devices. Beyond seeing the world, the power of AI allows devices to perceive the environment and understand the world in a better way

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